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Steam boiler
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Boiler controller system
Wasted treatment system of boiler
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Heat exchange equipments
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Company Info

I.   Introduction

Martech Co. Ltd. VN. was founded in 1993 in HCM City VN. the business specializes in manufacturing all kinds of boilers and pressure equipments.From day, Martech company establish so far, our company has been one of the prestige manufacturers choosen by customers in producing and suply  various kinds of steam boilers and pressure vessels in Viet Nam.

Our company has research and produced boilers to suit the customers need with special emphasis on the available fuel sources at local area, such as: coal, woodchips, saw dust, rice husk, cashew nut shell, suger cane residue, coo shell, coffee shell, paper industrial residues, biogas, compresses natural gas (CNG), liquid petroleum gas (LPG)...

Martech Boiler has improved technologies continously to enhance boiler efficiency and reduce environmental pollution by aplication of advanced combustion principles, for instance: the chain grate combustion, fluidized bed combustion, combination fuel injetion with chain grate( firing rice husk, saw dust and sugar cane residues), chain grate combustion ( multi grate). In addition, Martech is in progress of research and carrying out advanced air treatment systems such as: Multi cyclone, ESP, Bag filters, NOx treatment system, SOx treatment tower...


II.   Manufacture and Contractor


  1. -   Manufacture of  steam boilers, thermal oil boiler (Licensed)

-          Fuel :    D/O, F/O, GAS, Solid fuel, Coal fired etc.

-          Type:    water tube boiler , Horizontal fire tube 

-          Hot water boilers

  1. Steam pipe line  systems, Insulation and cladding

                  3.  LPG  tanks & Gas systems

  1. Ovens, Heat exchangers        .
  2. Deaerators.
  3. Air receivers  500 lts . – 20,000 lts.   
  4. Fuel storage  tanks, Feed water tank, Chimney.
  5. 8.      Water treatment plant for water softening system, industrial industrial demineralization plants, and deironizers. 

III.        Boiler maintenance service and Consultant

-          Boiler maintenance contract. (monthly or Quarterly)

-          Boiler repair.

-          Chemical cleaning. (Remove boiler tube water scales)

-          Up grade boiler controls.

-          Burner fuel saving device.

-          Boiler re-tubing.

-          Boiler fuel conversion D/O-F/O-GAS.

-          Boiler, Burner commissioning, test fire, and combustion analysis service.

-          PLC. Boiler controls.

-          Boiler operator training.

-          Boiler Permit  application

VI. Boiler Maintenance Service Team:

As our professional Boiler maintenance service team have been well trained by Australian boiler engineers and our service works are been most successful and  highly esteemed throughout  of wide range of industrial sectors in HCM City and other provinces in VN.   (attached customer list).

We provide 24/24, 7 days  around the clock services; our customer will also enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Access to the boiler manufacturer (Australia) knowledge & expertise.
  2. Care free reliable and efficient operation.
  3. Serviced units have   a higher and safety factor.
  4. Maintained units  have  a lower fuel cost.
  5. Recorded service history on all boilers.
  6. Lower overall maintenance cost.
  7. Operator training.
  8. Assistence to obtain boiler registration, inspection permit, boiler permit by Vietnam Goverment .  
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