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Steam boiler
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Wasted treatment system of boiler
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Heat exchange equipments
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Welcome to Martech Boiler Company

Martech Company was founded in HCMC (Vietnam) in 1993, the business specializes in man-
ufacturing all kinds of boilers and pressure equipments. From day Martech Company (V.N) established so far, our company has been one of the prestige manufacturers chosen by customers in producing and supply various kinds of steam boilers and pressure vessels in Vietnam.
       Our company has researched and produced boilers to suit the customers' need with special emphasis on the available fuel sources at local area , such as: coal, wood chips, saw dust, rice husk, cashews nut shell, bean nuts shell, sugar - cane residue, coco shell, coffee shell, paper industrial resdues, biogas, compresses natural gas(CNG), liquid petroleum gas (LPG) ...
             Martech boiler has improved technologies continuously to enhance boiler efficiency and reduce environmental pollution by application of advanced combustion principles, for instance: the chain grate combustion, fluidized bed combustion, combination fuel injection with chain grate (firing rice husk,saw dust and sugar- cane residues), chain grate combustion (Multi Grate). In addition, Martech is in progress of research and carrying out advanced air treatment systems such as:  Multi-Cyclone, ESP, bag
filters, NOx treatment system, SOx treatment tower ...
                 Martech's mission is that we patiently investigate in research, fabrication and providing several types of boilers which operate effectively, have long-life and consume the cheapest fuel. Beside, we also apply modern combustion and standard air treatment systems that help customer in energy -saving to produce saturation steam, heat recovery from thermal oil and hot air at comparatively low  cost.
                Martech has gradually increased the numbers of employees and celebrated courses improving their skills. Martech has 260 well- skilled and experienced employees (including 80 engineers and office workers, 180 workers and craftsmen).
                Moreover, our factory is equipped with modern machines for fabrication the whole boiler as: Flanging machine, hydraulic presses, automatic welding machine, drilling machine, shearing machine, milling machine, beveled edges machine...

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