Fuel’s provided into the chamber, generate Thermal Energy. The water flows in the pipes, and is heated up to the setup temperature. After the water reached the temperature that has been set, the heated water will be provided to the factory manufacturing system and come back to the pump system, those water will be pumped to the Boiler Body again created the closed water circulation system.

The flue gas generated in the combustion chamber, after the heat being absorbed again by the heat exchanger system, the flue gas will be treated in the Flue Gas Treatment system and will meet the environmental standard before release into the environment.

The ash after being burned will be automatically discharged.

Water Heating Boiler system is usually used in those industries: Fuel Manufacturing, Plastic, Textile…


- Max. Capacity: 50 Gcal/h

- Max. Pressure: 10 Bar(g)

- Water temp.: up to 130oC

- Fluid: Water

- Efficiency: 82%-85%

- Reliable – Long life of operation

- Designed by German Technology

- ASME | EN Standard

- Fuel: Coal & biomass(rice husk, wood pellet, rice husk pellet, woodchip...)


Tổng thể hệ thống lò gia nhiệt nước

Water Heating Boiler

Hình ảnh thân lò gia nhiệt nước

Body Boiler

Hệ thống lọc bụi túi lò nước nóng

Bag Filter

Hệ thống tủ điện lò gia nhiệt

Control Panel Cabinets

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Principle of Hot Water Boiler

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