At MARTECH, we always create a fair opportunity for our employees with competitive salaries, good benefits and professional working styles, so that employees will have the opportunity to develop themselves and their achievements are recorded. 

We always try to foster an environment where employees can grow and succeed. This is also our competitive advantage in the labor market. MARTECH training programs aim to provide awareness tools and enable employees to achieve the most complete development in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

For us, training methods are just as important as training results. We strive to be a leading company by respecting the rights of each individual, the collective we work with, and with our commitment to legal and financial compliance.

We encourage employees to work effectively, while balancing work and personal life. Regular team building activities of each department or the whole company play a part in that tradition. In addition, the Company also organizes many programs to connect employees, helping employees relax after stressful working hours such as Outing Day, New Year's Party or the annual Football Tournament.


HUYNH TAN BAN Mechanical Engineer

LE QUANG DAT Mechanical Engineer

NGUYEN NGOC LINH Mechanical Engineer

PHAM NHU HUNG Mechanical Engineer

NGUYEN NGOC TOAN Sales Executive