Heat Recovery Steam Generator


A Heat Recovery Steam Gernerator (HRSG) unit is an energy recovery boiler that recovers heat from the hot gas steam with potetial high energy content of the Gas turbines or incinerator system.

The recovered steam will be used in Production Process ( low pressure) or Power Generation ( high pressure)


- Calculation & Design             : According to ASME and TCVN

- Fabrication                             : According to ASME and TCVN

- Evaporation Capacity             : ( 10,000-200,000) kg/h

- Steam Working Pressure        : up to 100 bar(g)

- Steam Working Temperature  : up to 5000C



Waste heat boiler in Martech factory

Waste heat boiler in the workshop

Heat recovery steam generator at site

Installation at site

Waste-heat-rec overy-boiler.j pg

Martech waste heat boilerHệ thống Bypass Martech

By-Pass System

Kiểm tra thiết bị Bypass tại nhà máy Martech

Thi công chế tạo hệ thống Bypass tại nhà máy Martech

Chế tạo thiết bị Bypass

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