Chain Grate Steam Boiler


This burning process is similiar to the automatic stocker and quite useful for small capacity boilers ( below 40TPH capacity)

This usefulness was proved via the multi fuels flexibility that is automatically applied( i.e: fuel is able to be separated or mixed or be used  even with different sizes...)

The high efficiency and ease in operation and maintenance are also the strong points of this burning process.

This burning process can be combined with the boiler body design of Germany to creat the perfect product for the Users.


Calculation & Design                  : according to ASME and TCVN

Fabrication                                  : According to ASME and TCVN

Evaporation Capacity                  : (10,000-200,000) kg/h

Design Pressure                          : ( 10-100) bar(g)

Fuel                                              : Indonesia coal & Biomass

Boiler Efficiency                            : 87%

Steam Quality                               : Saturated or Superheated



The chain grate boiler system is equipped with multi-fuel feeding system consisting of:

- Main fuel receiving hopper with  weight scale;fuel feeding belt conveyors.

- Auxiliary fuel receiving hopper with the weight scale; fuel feeding belt conveyors

After heating , the flue gas will keep going to the economizer unit to recover the waste heat and change to useful heat for the boiler or another purpose.

At this time, the energy in the flue gas has nothing much to recover anymore. It will be treated by a wet scrubber system or the drying collector( what we call bag filter) before going to the chimney and eventually into the atmosphere.



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Chaingate Boiler System

Hình ảnh tổng thể hệ thống lò hơi ghi xích

Hình ảnh thân lò hơi ghi xích

Chainrate Body Boiler

Emission treatment system

Hệ thống lọc bụi túi

Bag Filter System

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Multi CycloneBộ thu hồi nhiệt gió

Heat Recovery System

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